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    Kango Leather Classic Grappling MMA Gloves Red

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    Kango Leather Classic Grappling MMA Gloves Red

    Looking to dominate your opponent whilst grappling look no further, these classic gloves will assists whilst you are training or in combat. Its tough leather withstands the strongest of force leaving the gloves non-deformed. Gel padded suitably to withstand impact if combat necessitates striking the opponent absorbing shock. The open palm design keeps the hand air-conditioned expelling moisture allowing you to manoeuvre your hands effectively around the opponent’s body without losing hand grip. A wide loop Velcro strap supporting a secure fit and wrist support.

    • Designed with top quality leather for complete resiliency when grappling.
    • Gel padded for impact absorption from strong forced strikes and knuckle protection.
    • Classic open palm architecture for better hand and wrist movement.
    • Open palm design for hand breathability and keeping glove odour-free.
    • Wide loop and cross Velcro strap for perfect secure fit and wrist support.
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